– A journey in the pursuit of Great Wine! ?

When you combine Tourism with Wine, what do you get?  You guessed it: Wine Tourism (also called enotourism, œnotourisme or vinitourism). Wine Tourism is all about travelling to appreciate, taste, and purchase wine. Our readers are passionate about travelling to wine regions for the enjoyment of the experience.

Oenophilia (ee-nə-fil-ee-ə); Greek for the love (philia) of wine (oinos). will become Australia’s leading Wine Tourism magazine, directory and online store. 

Modern Wine Tourism is so much more that just wine appreciation. For our oenophiles, this includes:

  • Tasting and purchasing wine at or near the source
  • The enjoyment of wine and food
  • Exploring the environment
  • Experiencing the natural beauty
  • Staying in accommodation that showcases the lifestyle
  • Opportunities to learn new things and have fun experiences
  • Meeting the people, the farmers
  • Being part of the local lifestyle

‘Oenophilia’, “is an affliction of the senses characterized by intense cravings for good food and service and vintage wines served in a tasteful, comfortable setting at reasonable prices”. (Shirley Copperman – in 1977 for her new bring-your-own-wine restaurant in the upper West Side of Manhattan; reported by Joanna Ney, The Westsider, NYC 6/30/77, p. 10)

The heart of Wine Tourism is in visiting Wine Regions, wineries, and of course, tasting the wines. But that is where just gets started. Wine Tourism is a great way to learn about the people, culture, customs and heritage of the local area. And because many Wine Regions are off the normal tourist track; oenophiles come looking to explore and experience new and interesting wine areas. 

Wine Tourism is on the rise. But wineries must make sure that their offering to the Wine Tourism market is right to capture their share of oenophile income. Being savvy about marketing is the first step in brand awareness and attracting the wine traveller. will help wineries ultimately drive more wine sales, engage with wine and food enthusiasts and generate lifetime customers. This savvy audience spends more and is interested in travelling to rural regions to find unique and authentic wine experiences.

Oenophilia. No, not a social disease. It’s the sensual orientation towards the pleasures of fine food and wine… (Leslie Harlib, reviewer, The Village Voice, NYC 6/20/77, p.52)

All wineries and wine brands should have a profile on to ensure that you connect with our targeted and highly relevant audience. We offer three types of listings to cover all types of winery business models.

+Social Listing

Not open to the public, but want a better online presence.

+Location Listing

Attract more customers to your business. cellar door, accommodation, restaurant etc

+Multiply Listing

Maximum exposure for all parts of your business. Add a separate listing page for accommodation, function centre, a separate or second cellar door for example.  

Or, if you want a separate page per label

It all starts with the consumer
Consumers want to know more that just what is written on the label these days. For our oenophiles, wine is a purchase that tells a story. Every bottle comes from somewhere, and is unique to the Wine Region and winery in which it was made. 

There is nothing romantic about picking a wine from the bottle store shelves; but that is the reality for most consumers. Wineries and wine labels must differentiate themselves from the crowd. Listing in the right place and marketing the tourism aspects of the businesses encourages tourists to visit, and hopefully become lifetime fans and buyers of the wine.



The recommendation of a destination by a friend is always so important, which is where comes into its own. Traveling to great regions, sharing it all over Social Media, leaving reviews of what was encountered, and then sharing the experience talking to friends.